Tea Parties To Go

Party Plan
Want to give a colorful twist to your tea party?  The party plan below presents imaginative dress-up party ideas to supplement the tea party theme.  The party begins with dress-up activities and tea-related games; then finishes with a Pretty in Pink Fashion Show.

Purchase a pair of white gloves for each guest.  Attach your invitation card that says:  These pretty white gloves are for you to wear to my Tickled Pink Tea Party.  Come and celebrate ____________'s Birthday
RSVP ___________________
Please wear leggings or leotards for easy changing.

Mom's are invited to join the party later for a fashion show.
Tea Table:
You will want to serve your tea sandwiches on an elegant pink table.  Order a pink table cloth from us and top it with a piece of lace or pretty doilies.
Pink plastic tablecloth and 12 balloons.
Gather together an assortment of pretty pink dresses from friends, family and neighbors.  You could purchase old prom dresses for a reasonable price at Goodwills, Salvation Army or resale stores.  If you are able to sew, make some minor alterations so the dresses fit the girls better.  If you do not sew have several large safety pins on hand for pinning the dresses to fit.  For those people who live within 25 miles of Duluth, MN, give Tea Parties To Go a phone call at 218-727-5545 for  a rental package.
Beginning Activity:
Set up a beauty salon.  Purchase stick-on earrings and fingernail charms.  Add a glitter hair spray and nail polish station if you have some extra help.  Apply a little blush and purchase lipsick samples for each guest.
Purchase this pretty pink patterned teacup as a keepsake for the birthday child and use it in the following game.

Pass The Teacup - This game is played on the order of musical chairs.  While the music is playing the children pass the teacup from child to child.  The child holding the teacup when the music stops is out.  To soften the blow of being out have an assortment of small prizes the child can choose from.  Play continues until only one child is left.  To make the game a little more difficult, fill the teacup with water and anyone who spills is out.
3" English Pathway Teacup
Patterns may vary.
Serve finger sandwiches on pretty pink dishes with some strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Avoid some stress by pre-filling the plates and serving them.
Fashion Show:
Sing Happy Birthday now.  Preslice the cake and have it ready on each plate.  Offer the Moms and the children a piece of cake while they watch the fashion show.  Wipe off the pink plastic tablecloth and use it as your runway.  Have each girl model her outfit.  Offer a brief description of the dress and something obout the girl as she walks down the runway.  When she is done, she can join the others for cake and watch the remaining fashion show.  Remember to take a photo of each girl as she walks down the runway.  These pictures can be used as thank you cards.
Gift Opening:
Have each of your guests retreive their presents and sit across from the birthday child.  I usually decorate a special chair for the birthday girl and arrange the other chairs in a half circle around her. Put the names of your guest in a teapot and have the birthday child draw one name out of the pot at a time.  That guest whose name is drawn delivers her gift to the birthday girl and in exchange she receives a small thank you gift.  I put my party favors is these mini handbag gift bags.
Thank You's

Remember to thank each guest for coming and have some little goodie to add to their purses like candy bracelets or necklaces.  They will feel like they have been showered with thank you's throughout the party.  I have on hand several sheets of color me paper dolls and color crayons for the girls who have to wait to be picked up.  It also makes a good time filler if an activity goes too fast.
Color Me Paper Dolls
$3.95 / 5 sheets
Mini Handbag Gift Bags
$3.95 / 8 pieces